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Rim jobs

Fuck ya bitch... lick my boi pussy with tip of your tongue!! I love rim jobs... I love giving and I love receiving! How about you?? I find most guys either like to give or receive but most don't like both...


He looked like this before I was born and as I was growing up as a youngster, so I really didn't see him like this until much later in my life.  What a babe!  Some of these shots are new to me.  You can see that certain vulnerability and sensitivity that Marilyn and James Dean had too.  Monty Clift and Elizabeth had it.  It is so attractive, to both men and women.  


 Ecstasy: (emotion), a trance or trance-like state in which an individual transcends normal consciousness 

Hot Man Sex

Hello to all my sexy readers!! Sorry for the hiatus, have been busy traveling and actually got some nice vacation time :) So any of you traveling to Wyoming for Frontier Day's in the next week or two? If so maybe we could have a little fun. It's been sunny and hot here.. This first pic looks like a great way to apply sunscreen!! Hit me up if your going to be in the area.
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